2013 UNCUA Annual Meeting

//2013 UNCUA Annual Meeting

2013 UNCUA Annual Meeting


The Ukrainian National Credit Union Association (UNCUA) held its 32nd Spring Conference and Annual Meeting June 6-8, 2013 at the Rochester Plaza Hotel and Conference Center.

Thirty participants representing thirteen Ukrainian American credit unions headquartered in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut and Maryland, gathered to hear presentations on current topics of interest to credit union leaders, and to elect a new board of directors.

The conference was hosted by the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union (UFCU) in Rochester, NY, which was chartered in 1953, and is celebrating its 60th anniversary of service to the Ukrainian American community in 2013.

Thursday evening the delegates had the opportunity to network and socialize at a reception hosted by the Ukrainian FCU in Rochester.

Friday morning attendees were welcomed by UNCUA Chair Bohdan Kurczak, UFCU President Wasyl Kornylo, and special guest Olya Sheweli, President of the Council of Ukrainian Credit Unions of Canada (CUCUC).

Presentations on topics specific to the credit union industry followed. Ken Kuzma, Regional Director of John M. Floyd & Associates, spoke on credit unions thriving amid the challenges of today, Attorney Patrick Cusato, Partner at Underberg & Kessler LLP, addressed the issue of Dodd-Frank / CFPB reform in the mortgage industry, and Jeffrey Paille, CPA and partner at the Bonadio Group, spoke on evaluating audit services.

A credit union roundtable, facilitated by Tamara Denysenko, Board member of UFCU, discussed the following topics:
1. Establishing credit union foundations
2. Credit union sales & service culture
3. Makings of a productive Board Meeting
4. How & where to grow our credit unions

Following the presentations, delegates enjoyed a tour of UFCU, St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Ukrainian monument in Irondequoit recognizing 100 years of Ukrainian settlement in and around Rochester, N.Y., and a stop at the High Falls of the Genesee River.

That evening Bohdan Kurczak and Orysia Burdiak of UNCUA presented Wasyl Kornylo, UFCU President, with a plaque of recognition commemorating the credit union’s 60 years of service and dedication to the Ukrainian American community initially in Rochester, and eventually serving communities in Watervliet and Syracuse, NY, Westwood, MA, Citrus Heights, CA, and Portland, OR.

The Association conducted its annual general meeting on Saturday, June 8th, with reports by management and committees. The election of board members for the 2013-2014 term were also held.

UNCUA Chairman Bohdan Kurczak reported on the current status of the Association. As of December 31, 2012, assets of the fifteen UNCUA member credit unions totaled $2.644 billion, with reserves and undivided earnings totaling $400.7 million. Member deposits totaled $2.232 billion, with $1.515 billion total loans issued in 2012. 101,895 individuals are members of Ukrainian American credit unions in the US. Ukrainian American credit unions contributed near $5 million in support of community organizations, once again emphasizing the tremendous impact credit union membership has on the development of our Ukrainian American communities.

The 2013 credit union calendar was dedicated to victims of the Famine-Genocide in Ukraine – Holodomor – 1932-33. Over 29,000 calendars were distributed to credit union members, as reported by UNCUA President Orysia Burdiak.

The following individuals were elected to the 2013-14 UNCUA Board of Directors and committees:

UNCUA Officers: Bohdan Kurczak – Chair (Self Reliance NY); Stephen Kerda – 1st Vice Chair (Selfreliance Baltimore); L. Mykola Hryhorczuk – 2nd Vice Chair (Selfreliance Michigan); George Stachiw – Secretary (Selfreliance New England). Executive Committee members: Marusia Kolodij (Selfreliance, Philadelphia); Walter Kozicky (SUMA Yonkers, NY); and Bohdan Watral (Selfreliance, Chicago).

Members of the Board of Directors: Bohdan Czepak (Cleveland Selfreliance); Jaroslaw Fedun (Self Reliance NJ); Roman Jakubowycz (Osnova, Parma OH); Vera Kucyj (Future CU, Warren MI); Wasyl Kornylo (Ukrainian, Rochester); Esteban Kaczurak (Ukrainian National, NY); Roman Kyshakevych (Selfreliance, Pittsburgh).

Supervisory Committee: Andrew Jakymowych (Future CU, Warren MI); Bohdan Lisowsky (Selfreliance Michigan), and Bohdan Wruskyj (Selfreliance, Chicago).

Nominating Committee: Jaroslaw Fedun (Self Reliance NJ); Orest Liscynesky (Cleveland Selfreliance); George Stachiw (Selfreliance New England); and Catherine Popovech (alternate, Self Reliance NY).

By-Laws Committee: Marusia Kolodij (Selfreliance, Philadelphia); Orest Liscynesky (Cleveland Selfreliance); and Lubomyr Lypeckyj (Selfreliance Michigan).

Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance Trustees: Orysia Burdiak, Bohdan Czepak, Stephen Kerda, Mary Kolodij, Bohdan Kurczak, Ihor Laszok, John Olijarczyk, Vsevolod Salenko, and George Stachiw.

Orysia Burdiak was elected President of the Association and the Ukrainian Cooperative Insurance Agency in Chicago. UNCUA staff members are Christine Pylypowycz and Nina Bebko.

Walter Kozicky, delegate from SUMA Yonkers Federal Credit Union, invited the delegates to schedule their 2014 UNCUA spring conference and annual meeting in Yonkers on the occasion of SUMA’s 50th anniversary.

Respectfully submitted,
Orysia Burdiak, UNCUA President

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