2018 UNCUA Annual Meeting



The Ukrainian National Credit Union Association (UNCUA) held its 37th Annual Meeting and Spring Conference June 7-9, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Thirty participants representing twelve Ukrainian American credit unions in the U.S. gathered to lobby their legislators on Capitol Hill, to meet with Ambassador Valeriy Chaly at the Embassy of Ukraine, hear presentations on current topics of interest to credit union leaders, and to elect a new board of directors.

The conference commenced Thursday morning with a briefing on talking points concerning Ukraine and credit unions, in order to prepare participants for scheduled visits with their legislators on Capitol Hill that afternoon.  Michael Sawkiw, Jr., director of the Ukrainian National Information Service, briefed participants on talking points concerning Ukraine.  Credit union issues were presented by Ryan Donovan, Chief Advocacy Officer of the Credit Union National Association.  Following the briefings, delegates proceeded to Capitol Hill to lobby their respective elected officials, emphasizing the important issues discussed during that morning’s briefing.

Following visits to Capitol Hill, delegates met with Ambassador Valeriy Chaly at the Embassy of Ukraine.  The Ambassador provided the credit union leaders with an update on events in Ukraine, specifically an assessment of the improving business environment in Ukraine.

Friday’s program began with welcoming remarks by Andrij Horbachevsky, UNCUA Chairman.  Following his remarks, delegates were honored by a visit from two U.S. Representatives – Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and senior member of the House Committee on Financial Services, and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Member of the House Committees on Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and Small Business..  Both congressmen are friends of Ukraine and credit unions.  They provided delegates with a Washington update on the committees they serve, encouraged visits to Capitol Hill, and responded to questions from the participants.

Presentations on topics of interest to the credit union industry followed, such as HR compliance and liability, cybersecurity, an emerging technology known as blockchain presented by Bohdan Shevchik of the Federal Reserve System, and insight into the demographics of Ukrainian American millennials presented by the President of Razom, Mariya Soroka.

Tamara Denysenko, board member and former CEO of Ukrainian FCU in Rochester, focused on a look to 2020 – best practices, successes, and challenges for UNCUA credit unions, discussing assets, membership and capital growth.

On Saturday, June 9th the Association conducted its 37th annual meeting, which included reports by management and various committees.  The election of board members for the 2018-2019 term was also held.

UNCUA Chairman Andrij Horbachevsky reported on his activities for the past year, and Orysia Burdiak, President, reported on the work of the staff.

The 2018 credit union calendar was dedicated to the voice of Ukraine – the bandura.  This year commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America.  Approximately 28,000 calendars were distributed to credit union members in the United States in 2018.

The following individuals were elected to the 2018-19 UNCUA Board of Directors and committees:

UNCUA Officers: Andrij Horbachevsky – Chairman (SUMA Yonkers, NY); Stephen Kerda – Vice Chair (Selfreliance Baltimore); George Stachiw – Secretary (Selfreliance New England). Executive Committee members: Bohdan Kurczak (Self Reliance New York), and Bohdan Watral (Selfreliance Chicago).

Members of the Board of Directors: Bohdan Czepak (Cleveland Selfreliance); Tamara Denysenko (Ukrainian FCU, Rochester, NY); Esteban Kaczurak (Ukrainian National, NY); Mary Kolodij (Selfreliance Philadelphia); Michael Lewko (Nova UA, Clifton, NJ); Natalie Maruszczak (Selfreliance Michigan); Eugene Szestak (Selfreliance Pittsburgh).

Supervisory Committee: Orest Liscynesky (Cleveland Selfreliance); Orest Temnycky (Self Reliance New York); Bohdan Wruskyj (Selfreliance Chicago).

Nominating Committee: Jaroslaw Fedun (Nova UA, Clifton, NJ); Andrij Horbachevsky (SUMA Yonkers, NY); Vitaliy Kutnyy (Selfreliance Chicago);  George Stachiw (Selfreliance New England); Yaroslav Zaviysky (Ukrainian National, NY).

By-Laws Committee: Roman Kozicky (SUMA Yonkers, NY); Natalia Pachashynska (Ukrainian National, NY), Nusia Woch-Kerda (Selfreliance Baltimore).

Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance Trustees: Orysia Burdiak, Esteban Kaczurak, Stephen Kerda, Mary Kolodij, Wasyl Kornylo, Bohdan Kurczak, John Olijarczyk.

Orysia Burdiak was elected President of the Association and the Ukrainian Cooperative Insurance Agency in Chicago. UNCUA staff members are Christine Pylypowycz and Nina Bebko.

The delegates agreed to return to Washington for the 38th UNCUA Annual Meeting and Spring Conference in 2019.


Respectfully submitted,

Orysia Burdiak, UNCUA President